Joe, a middle school science teacher, shares his story in this episode. Even though music was his life Joe realized pretty quick that making it in a band is a pretty tall order.
He speaks candidly about his family life growing up; how several deaths in the family affected him and put a strain on several relationships. Joe shares about his relationship with his mom and how her consistent relationship hopping took a toll on family dynamics.
Joe tells us how he got made fun of a lot when he was younger and that he eventually figured out he had the power to choose who he was around.
We talk about how musical tastes are so varied from person to person and that it’s easy to judge and be judged based on your playlists.
Heading in to college, Joe talks about his educational journey intermingled with stories about various jobs (and a problem with a box cutter) peppered throughout this time. He also speaks about a very influential person in his life.
Lastly we discuss what it’s like to be a middle school teacher and we see what we take aways we can use from his story.

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