In this episode, Join me (Agust) as I sit down and talk with Justin, a man from New England. During our conversation we discuss growing up and being fortunate enough to have parents who take ADHD ‘seriously’. We discuss the importance of recognizing ADHD because it gives you a chance to work with it and figure out the coping methods that best suit the individual. Justin grew up in a conservative culture where it was normal to believe that ADHD was just a made up problem and an excuse to prescribe medicine, but Justin’s parents were supportive and never implied this. Justin discusses the fascinating concept of Time blindness that some people with ADHD deal with. It’s the difficulty to be aware of time passing, which is why a lot of people with ADHD are often late.  Justin discusses his life as a ‘church-goer’ and what church means to him, he discusses once being a fundamentalist church before realising ‘that’s not who they were’. He also discusses his crusade against legalism in Christianity and how he’ll do almost anything to protect the teens he teaches from it.  

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This weeks question is:

Do you have a history with religion? How does it affect you today?

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