In this episode, Join Agust as he sits down and has a chat with Josh – engage with this coming of age conversation as we talk about religion, friendships and burning bridges. Josh opens up on the podcast and shares his philosophy on life and opinions on different cultures and and the surrounding expectations of people in that culture. We also discuss conflicts and wonder if there’s such a thing as being too honest. We talk about dating in the 21st century and the statistics behind finding ‘The one’.

Josh talks about being a missionary and helping people in your local area as he shares his beliefs in god. His beliefs contribute to his values and he will often volunteer his time to help people in need. We also discuss pop culture and how its influence is heavily changing the way we communicate with each other. The conversation expands from this as we begin to talk about the Enneagram of Personality and the different possibilities that come from that. 

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This weeks question is:

Social media; is it bringing us together or formulating less intimate relationships? 

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