In this episode, Join me as I speak with Sarah – A young Mexican-American woman and aspiring actress from Atlanta. Sarah shares her story of how she ended up in America and the consequences of her migration including the legalities around it. She moves on to discuss her mental health, touching on specific symptoms and how it can affect day to day life. The discussion moves on to finding work and the challenges a young creative encounters following High School Graduation. Sarah’s family is heavily influenced by Catholic religion and she shares how it affects her encounters with men and also about her doubts and thoughts of religion as a whole.

Sarah also discusses the conflict that many young adults face with their parents – tattoos; her mothers reaction will sound familiar to most of us, but Sarah’s parents aren’t nearby anymore and she discusses the systematic challenges she’d face if she was to visit her parents back in Mexico. Of course no conversation about Mexican immigration would be complete without talking Politics. Sarah shares her thoughts at the time of Trump’s 2016 election and how she’d react if her status were to change.

Swiftly moving on Sarah explains how it was to go to the biggest high school in Georgia, and adds in some reminiscent anecdotes of her experience; skipping class, nicer teachers and how mental health was treated in her school. She also shares her first experience of pot brownies, Sarah’s still not sure whether her attempt at ‘baking’ was successful or not, but the second story was definitely more eventful, involving parents, hot water, and a friend freaking out.

Sarah finishes with a couple of stories of her encounters with men, a funny story about a sugar-daddy encounter and then an unfortunate tale of what happens when you spill a bottle of poppers straight up your nose!

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