In this episode, Join Agust as he sits down and has a chat with Bryan – a family man and host of the comic book podcast ‘Bry-fi’ in which Bryan discusses all things comic books with exciting guests such as American comic book writer Mark Wayde. Bryan shares a lot about his life growing up as a middle class hispanic boy in Texas and the struggles he would encounter. The pair then move on to discuss joining a band in highschool, trying to look cool only to find out who you really are later down the line and realising what you truly enjoy. Bryan was in a band in his teenage years and discusses the joys and excitement behind touring with bands you respect and appreciate the importance of having friends in your life who encourage you to see things through to the end and follow your passions. 

Bryan is no stranger to dating but he found the love of his life and discusses the importance of being there for one another and supporting each other unconditionally.

As much as Brian enjoyed being in a band he discusses his decision to leave and find a ‘real job’ and the struggles of going through pregnancy and having kids. Bryan is very family orientated and we sit down and spend the rest of the podcast talking about families and autism – He encourages parents to see a doctor if they think their child has autism so they can get therapy from an early age to help support their learning – most importantly, to stop focusing on the things that you can’t do and start focusing on the things that you can do. 

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How did you figure out your career path or have you?

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