In this episode, we are joined by Damian, from New Mexico. He talks about growing up in a tiny town and the influence drugs and friendships have had on his life. Damian is a friendly, funny guy with lots to share. Join us as he talks to us about drug fuelled mansion parties on Porter Mountain and various coming of age encounters. You would often find Damian and his friends around Lakeside, PineTop and Show Low, constructing gravity bongs and dropping LSD. The conversation expands further into LSD as Damien and his girlfriend go house shopping on the substance. LSD would continue to make an impact on Damian’s life as it would slowly change his perspective on things such as the movies he enjoys and his devotion to cleanliness. Is it possible for LSD to reprogram your brain to want to keep your surroundings cleaner?

 After taking LSD something changes inside of you forever. We continue to further discuss theories behind LSD and mention the works of the Electric Kool Aid Acid Test – a book by Tom Wolfe.

Finally, Damian shares his relationship with autism and how LSD contributed towards his social behaviour in later life.

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This weeks questions are:
Have you taken hallucinogens before? 
Has it changed you mentally or physically? 

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